Why I am
the Right choice
for Mayor

For the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of serving as your Mayor on the Dais. My background in the legal field has given me the ability to effectively run the City Commission Meetings. By attending the City workshops with an open mind and thinking outside the box, I come prepared doing the research on the City agenda in advance. That allows me as chair the ability to concentrate and communicate clearly on giving my opinions & arguments to my fellow commissioners so that the vote I give on behalf of you, is in your best interest! You will never see me second guess, not understand, or refuse to vote on any matter brought before me. 

My relationships with my residents & neighbors go well beyond shaking hands and waiving hello. Getting to know people as if they were my family is most important to me as your Mayor. How long have you lived in our city? Where do you’re children attend school? How do you grade our city’s services? All this and more is what matters to me. 

The majority of our businesses are “mom and pop” family owned and operated. Our City also has major employers and I work hard to bring more businesses that benefit our community and make the City as attractive as possible so we can continue to grow financially for the well being of all the residence that live here .

I listen and respond, I don’t lecture. Creating  conversations and listening to the concerns the people bring forward continues to make me the trusted Mayor you elected into office. I do not claim to have the all answers to every problem, but I possess the skills and the know-how to get issues resolved.

What Makes me an effective mayor?


I participate in as many educational and business events, and sit on many Boards, locally and nationally and I possibly can. Why, you ask? From those organizations, I learn of new and innovative ways to bring our City up to speed on the most recent and upcoming trends; learn where to look for, find and apply for funding of projects; and, lastly, but not least have the audience to showcase Our City to entice new businesses and residents to venture, move, and do business in our city.

I connect with my neighbors, the residents.

I come from a working class immigrant family. Telling my family’s story and that of my heritage is surprising to most, but also encouraging to many. I may be mayor, but at the end of the day, I am a resident just like they are.

My relationships with the residents, my neighbors, go beyond shaking hands or waving hello. Getting to know people like family is most important. How long have you lived in North Lauderdale? Where did you and/or you’re children attended school? All of this matters to me. We are a small city, a community, and that’s what separates up from other cities. The majority of our businesses are “mom and pop”, family owned and operated. Do we have major employers? Absolutely, but the heart of a community is where we gather, where we worship, where we do business. North Lauderdale is that community. No matter who you are, where you live, or where you were born, we are all part of the North Lauderdale community, and that’s how we connect to one another.

I listen and I respond:

I do not lecture, I listen. I have conversations. I do not claim to have the answer to everything. Because I do not. But what I do know is where to reach out and who to contact to help resolve an issue.

If I don’t know about it, then I can’t do anything about it.
It’s all about moving our city forward. Avanzando. Avanse.

Mayor Ana M. Ziade


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Mayor Ana M. Ziade

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